Italian Close-Up 2013: AN IMMERSIVE TRANSMEDIA WORKSHOP, June 22nd - July 6th, 2013 | Lake Como, Italy

Italian Close-Up 2013

Architecture- Fashion- Design & New Media Film-Making

Italian Close-Up 2013 is a two week immersive transmedia workshop held in Lake Como, Italy from June 22nd to July 6th, 2013. Through the utilization of new media tools, the purpose of the workshop is to expand participants’ skills and abilities with cross platform storytelling. Each participant will have the opportunity to produce a short film as well as using new media tools, to craft an innovative interface to tell stories on the Lake Como and its richness in architecture, fashion and landscape.

Italian Close Up

The workshop has 3 quick cycles for pre-production, production and post (on locations and studio) under the guidance of the instructors while at the same time, through lectures, demonstrations, they learn techniques for translating their ideas into moving images in a new media project as well as the creative and physical requirements for directing a short film.

Italian Close-Up 2013 is the fourth installment of an international, annual workshop organized by MEDIARS.

A special offer of 10% off tuition fees is available for all Transmedia, Hollywood followers, just mention this article in your email!

Dates: June 22nd – July 6th

Email address to request the application package: info@mediars.eu

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Official event web site: http://www.mediars.eu/en/international-workshop/


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