Nespresso: il nuovo George Clooney in Change Nothing

Nespresso è pronta a lanciare “Change Nothing”, il nuovo filone della campagna decennale che vede ancora protagonista indiscusso George Clooney.

Nella nuova campagna, che ha debuttato ufficialmente il 25 Settembre 2016 su, Clooney deve difendere le proprie capsule da un gangster.
I film sono ambientati in un tipico punto vendita della Nespresso, in questo caso quello di Londra. Vediamo Clooney chiacchierare con una donna attraente "She is the wife of the ‘boss'" Ian McShane.

Nespresso Change Nothing - George Clooney


La campagna era iniziata qualche settimana fa, quando Nespresso chiedeva ai propri clienti di immaginare cosa sarebbe potuto accadere a George Clooney nei prossimi spot.

Alfonso Gonzalez, Chief Customer Officer di Nespresso, ha dichiarato:

“Our relationship with George strengthens year on year, and in our twelfth collaboration, we have created a storyline that shows Clooney at his best. He is a true partner for the brand, and here we see just how far he is willing to go for that incomparable Nespresso coffee experience”.

Clooney ha risposto che:

“We always look to take the story to the next level and in this latest instalment I think we can say that it is certainly my most eventful outing to date. Bringing a more character driven approach mixed with humour has really taken the campaign to a new level”.

Nespresso Change Nothing - George ClooneyNespresso Change Nothing - George Clooney
Nespresso Change Nothing - George Clooney

Nespresso Change Nothing Credits

The Nespresso Change Nothing campaign è di McCann New York and McCann Paris,

Executive creative director/copywriter Larry Platt,
executive creative director/art director Lea Ladera (NY),
executive creative director Riccardo Fregoso (Paris),
global creative director John Mescall,
copywriter Ben Homsey (Paris),
art director Flora Sagnes (Paris),
chief strategy officer NA Steve Zaroff (NY),
global strategy director Melanie Huggins (Paris),
EVP director of business affairs Danielle Korn (NY),
global business lead Fiona Ferrier-Weil (Paris),
TV producer Annabel Dauphin-Kuentzmann (Paris),
global digital account director Claire-Anaïs Decarli (Paris),
digital producer Adelyne Cazot (Paris),
art buyer Véronique Leblanc (Paris),
global account director Krisztina Palmai (MWG),
global account executive Dominika Hanshen (Paris),

Regista Grant Heslov con Moonwalk Films, Paris, 
direttore della fotografia Robert Elswit,
fotografia Nigel Parry,
producer Alexis Bensa,  e Franck Servoz.